Susanne Bregy, Managing Director

Susanne is a sustainability expert with an Alternative Investment background. She has worked with social strategies such as financial inclusion, but also with impact healthcare or sustainable agriculture businesses. She is also very familiar with impact measurement and management (IMM), with theories, frameworks and principles such Theory of Change (ToC), Five Dimensions of Impact Performance (IMP) or the Operating Principles of Impact Management (OPIM). 

She is a regular speaker and moderator at sustainability and impact conferences and events. Born and raised in Switzerland, she lived and worked in Munich, London, New York, and is now based in Frankfurt.
Armin Sandhoevel, Ph.D. , Managing Director

Armin is a green infrastructure and global carbon market pioneer with a proven track record in developing, promoting, and investing in market mechanisms to fight environmental issues. He has demonstrated a track record of cultivating relationships at highest levels among a broad range of stakeholder groups within the private markets, governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations and bi-/multilateral institutions.

Armin holds a PhD in environmental and resource economics.

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