Rhodanus is the Latin word for the river Rhone. I chose that name because I grew up in the Swiss canton Valais where the Rhone rises from the Rhone glacier. The Rhone glacier is a fascinating, monumental, and breath-taking relic from the glacial period – it used to be the largest alpine glacier, covering the whole western Swiss plateau. Experts reckon the glacier might disappear by 2100.

The Rhone flows down the Valais, guided by majestic summits on the north and south side, in order to enter Lake Geneva, and finally find its way through France and enter the Mediterranean Sea near Arles. 

For me the Rhone has always been a symbol for respect, dignity, strength, fertility, consistency and change; where everything flows and nothing stands still.  Rhodanus represents this flow, respectful of the past and moving with grace and dignity towards the future.

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