Rhodanus focuses on responsible investing. We provide capital introduction services for funds and projects that have a defined financial interest, but also a social and/or environmental mission.  We aim to offer these opportunities to discerning investors aware that their investment decisions have significant financial, social and environmental consequences.

Rhodanus seeks to connect the traditional investment world with the impact investment world. It does so through sharing information and know-how, through a continuous exchange of views, and through critical, yet constructive communication. 

Rhodanus is committed to enhancing and improving the dynamics between investors and sustainable investment opportunities, and to accelerate the groundswell that is shaping a more responsible investment attitude. Panta Rhei.

White Paper “Impact Investing:
die ganzheitliche Art zu investieren”.
Published in BankPraktiker, 15.12.2017

Interview with Susanne Bregy:
"Kapitalismus gegen Armut", published on enorm, July 2017

Interview with Susanne Bregy, conducted by Finanzplaner TV during FinPro 2015

Article from Susanne Bregy:
"impact investing: Ein Plaedoyer fuer
Kapitalismus mit Verantwortung" ‐
published in "Smart Investor 11/2013"

Interview with Susanne Bregy:
"Global Impact", published in
CamdenFO No 20, Autumn 2013

Susanne Bregy, Managing Director
of Rhodanus Capital, moderating
the panel "Values based investments"
on 23 April 2013 at the Family Office
Forum organised by Prestel and Partner
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