Impact Investing introduces a third dimension to the traditional notion of risk and return: impact. An Impact Investor seeks opportunities that are both financially attractive and address a social or environmental challenge. Impact Investing is the bridge between traditional investment capital and philanthropy.

Examples of Impact Investing possibilities and the intended impact are

Sustainable Agriculture

Impact creation: Food security, fairer market access
Financial services

Impact creation: Wealth creation, savings mobilisation, access to credit
Clean Energy

Impact creation: Carbon emission reduction, improved health, energy access
Capital provision for SME in Emerging Markets (“Missing Middle”)

Impact creation: Job creation, economic growth, access to credit

Impact creation: Wealth creation, empowerment, reduced vulnerability to economic/environmental displacement

Impact creation: Access to affordable health care, increased life expectancies, higher quality of life
Impact Investing is prevalent in both developed and developing markets, and includes many different capital structures; equity, debt, quasi equity, guarantees, etc.. There is a great deal of focus in the sector on financial innovation.
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